Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is just a test.


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Okay, let me make this one INTERESTING! I have never had a Blog before and this is very new to me. I will begin by talking about where I was born and where I live now. I was born in Guantanamo, Cuba in the year 1978. I speak and write English, Spanish and Brazilian.I have a twin brother and you can say we kind of look alike. I say kind of since he's a boy and I'm a girl. Me and my parents came to Miami in the year 1980 and setttled in Miami Beach Florida. I had the BEST times at that beach! We lived there for about the first two years and we moved about atleast 700 times before we finally purchased our first house in 1994.During that time my interests fluctuated from wanting to be a ballerina to acting. Then when I turned 11 suddenly the writing bug bit me and I began writing all of these short stories which eventually turned into full blown novels as the years progressed. Today I have 4 of these full blown novels published including one screenplay called "Ana & Tony." My other books are "The Story of Ben" "The Beauty of Textured Hair" and "Everything I know now I wish I had known as a teen." I also took on some modeling gigs in between and modeled for PZI jeans-they're in Pennsylvania, appeared in a music video for the rappers "Young Gunz" and rocked some headgear for the sporty girl in South Beach early this year. So yeah, I've been doing my thing. I have another book on the way and this one's another screenplay. It'll be coming out sometime early next year. Well, I will be around here updating my Blog and keeping everyone up to date!Thanks for stopping by! Peace!

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